New Minnesota Winery Event Space – Wild Oaks Ranch Vineyard & Winery in Lakeville, MN

New Minnesota Winery

Wild Oaks Ranch Vineyard & Winery is a new and upcoming Minnesota winery located in Lakeville, MN, just 30 minutes south of the twin cities. They are a private venue only winery, so a reservation is required.

As of now they are not currently open. However, you can grab their first wine, Thin Blue Vine Minnesota Itasca which also happens to be an award winning wine. It is available at Lakeville Liquor Stores or B-52 Burgers and Brews in Lakeville. Also check out my review of Thin Blue Vine Minnesota Itasca, to see if this wine is right for you.

The Genius Behind The Wine

Winemaker of Wild Oaks Ranch Vineyard & Winery

There is no story behind my wines, my only goal is to make good tasting wines that people will enjoy.

-Greg Peterson (owner/winemaker)

This Can’t Be…

I had the pleasure of meeting Greg, the owner/winemaker behind Wild Oaks Ranch Vineyard & Winery, and trying some of the other wines he has been working on. I had a hard time believing that he is new to wine making. Having been to other new wineries in Minnesota, his wines far surpass those. 

Greg was injured on his job as a police officer and unfortunately was forced into early retirement. Retirement life got to be boring so he just decided one day that he wanted to start a vineyard, all because he loved wine. He figured that it wouldn’t be that hard as he had grown up on a farm during his younger years.

Little did he know all the hard work that goes into a vineyard. Just planting the vines alone was a lot of work. Greg was saying how he had to dig a couple feet deep, put in the vine, and then back fill the holes, and repeat this over a hundred times. Then there are all the bugs to try and keep away. And the weather, which in 2019 was a tough year, being the fifth wettest year to date so far and a polar vortex that dropped temperatures to -50ºF.

Even with all the hard work need to produce wine grapes, I can still see his excitement for making wine. He is constantly wanting to learn and further his wine making abilities. A true hard worker looking to give all that he has to his community.

A One Of A Kind Event Space

Enjoy the serene grounds of Wild Oaks Ranch Vineyard & Winery. Schedule a day with friends or family of 50 people or less and enjoy wine, 3 par golf, corn hole, and relaxing scenery.

Horse Barn Bar
Golf and Wine

Interested In Renting A Winery To Host Your Next Event?

Wild Oaks Ranch Vineyard & Winery
22991 Woodland Rd.
Lakeville, MN 55044

Contact Wild Oaks Ranch Vineyard & Winery by emailing or vising their contact page. I really liked the quick response I received through email.

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