Why I started a Minnesota Wine, Coffee, and Travel Blog

It’s time to get down and personal in this blog post. You get to read all about my personal trips and what I think about the wines and coffees I try. But, now is the time to talk about more of me. Today I am answering the question I probably most often get “what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?” followed by “why did you start a travel blog?”

1. The Road Trip That Spoke to Me.

Planning this road trip was my aha moment to finding what I enjoy most.

I was in dire need of traveling somewhere. So I sat down and Googled the best wine region. I found Lake Chelan in Washington upon digging through all the results. Lake Chelan had 30+ wineries around it, I was sold.

I pitched the idea to my in-laws, and had no trouble selling the idea to them, and turned it into a 5 person, 2 week, vacation getaway.

Besides the vacation itself, the best part was the planning part. I love to plan. Give me a trip, wedding, registry, or any kind of party and I will gladly plan it.

Take a look at our Lake Chelan itinerary.

Behind The Scenes of Travel Blogging

2. I needed a hobby

I had a candle business that I just couldn’t keep up because of the increasing costs and not wanting to charge my customers an inappropriate amount of money for a candle.

I needed another way to be creative and give me something to do in my free time. Don’t get me wrong, I do love sitting down and binge watching Ozark or Greys Anatomy on Netflix. 

However, I needed something that I could learn and continue learning from to keep my brain sharp and keep improving my skills. 

The added bonus of this hobby is that I can do everything with my Husband. So it is a couple hobby and a personal hobby.

3. Probably the most fun part is doing new things

It has been so fun seeing all the unique things to do in my backyard of Minnesota.

The most amazing part of doing this Wine, Coffee, and Travel Blog is everything is in my home state of Minnesota. There is no need to take off of work. I can do all the things and see all the things right in my backyard.

I want to inspire you to go out in your backyard. You might be surprised at what you find. 

Thank you for following me, and for all the support as I navigate this hobby. 


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