Seyval Blanc – Alexis Bailly Vineyard in Hastings, MN

Seyval Blanc Bottle and Glass

($23.99, 12% ABV, Alexis Bailly Vineyard)

Seyval Blanc grapes are a French-Hybrid developed in the mid-20th century. A green skinned grape, that ripens early in the season, making it suitable for cold-climates.

Alexis Bailly’s Seyval Blanc is their premium white wine. An off-dry wine that is light and crisp, full of citrus and a hint of floral, and is very similar to that of a Chardonnay. 

Because of its light nature, it is best to pair this with light meals. Enjoy these recipes, that Alexis Bailly has provided, with a bottle of their Seyval Blanc.

Check out a prior post about Alexis Bailly. Also check out my tasting notes below of Alexis Bailly’s Seyval Blanc.

  • Clarity (quantity of suspended particles in the wine): Clear
  • Intensity (concentration of color): Pale
  • Color: Lemon
  • Condition (smells normal or off): Clean
  • Intensity (how pronounced the smell is): Medium
  • Aromatic Characteristic (what you smell): Pear
  • Sweetness: Off-Dry
  • Acidity: High
  • Tannin (dry/astringent): Low
  • Body (how it feels in your mouth): Light
  • Flavor Characteristic (what you taste): Citrus and a hint of floral
  • Finish Length: Short

Want an easy to follow template to record your own wine tasting notes?

Seyval Blanc Wine Bottle and Glass
Seyval Blanc Wine Glass Tipped

Where to get your bottle of Seyval Blanc from Alexis Bailly Vineyard?

Alexis Bailly Vineyard
18200 Kirby Ave S
Hastings, MN 55033

As of June 5th 2020, Alexis Bailly Vineyard has picnic reservations and wine pickup available on-site. 

Home Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of having Alexis Bailly Vineyard wine shipped to your home. Now shipping to 38 states, click here for out of state shipping.


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