Want to find a new or unique wine?

Good, because I have something that will easily help you do that! And did I mention it is free? Finding new wine doesn’t have to take a ton of time and research. (Seriously, who has time for that?)

Instead grab my free Minnesota Wineries Map… 

My secret weapon to quickly planning a wine excursion with friends or family.

How will this map help you?

Minnesota Wineries Map will give you easy access to ALL Minnesota wineries from Google Maps, info on wine tasting prices, and quick access to websites for season hours. Giving you more time to do what you want!

What does more time mean? Hanging out with friends/family, accomplishing goals/dreams, or maybe some alone time.


minnesota wineries map
minnesota vineyard

Who is this map for?

This map is for wine lovers who want an excursion or are planning a date night or night out with friends/family, but just don’t have the time for researching. The convenience of having this map on your phone is life-changing, for the ability to pull it out and plan in 5-10 minutes.