Marquette 2017 – Parley Lake Winery, Waconia, MN

($25, Alcohol 14.3% by volume, Parley Lake Winery)

Enjoy this smooth red wine with your next bonfire, game night, movie night, or while reading. It is easy to drink, which makes it a top tender for being a go to wine.

Made with 100% Marquette grapes it is truly a Minnesota wine. The Marquette grape is a hybrid grape that was developed by the University of Minnesota in 2006. This grape is similar to that of a Pinot Noir. So try this wine out if that is something you enjoy. The Marquette grape is also known to age well in oak. And Parley Lake Winery did a great job using Minnesota/French oak for 6-9 months to enhance the richness of the wine.

Click through my wine tasting notes below to learn more about Parley Lake’s Marquette 2017 wine:

  • Clarity or the quantity of suspended particulates in a wine: Clear
  • Intensity or the concentration of color: Deep
  • Color: Garnet
  • Condition or smell is normal or weird: Clean
  • Intensity or how pronounced the smell is: Medium
  • Aromatic Characteristics or what you smell: Black Cherry
  • Sweetness: Off-Dry
  • Acidity: Low
  • Tannin or dryness/astringent: Medium
  • Body or the way the wine feels in your mouth: Medium
  • Flavor Characteristics or what you taste: Cherry & Oak
  • Finish length: Short

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Award Winning Wine

This 2017 Marquette just won a Silver Medal for Red Natives/Hybrid Varietals at the 2020 San Francisco Wine Chronicle Competition. Over 6,500 North American Wines were entered this year for multiple categories.

Where to get a bottle of Marquette for yourself?

Parley Lake Winery
8280 Parley Lake Rd.
Waconia, MN 55387

Parley Lake Winery will not be open until May. However, you can find their wines at local liquor stores. Find a liquor store near you.

Learn more about Parley Lake Winery from my previous visit, click here.


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