Hot Dish Red – Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria, MN

Hot Dish Red Bottle and Glass

($19.95, 12% ABV, Carlos Creek Winery)

I absolutely love the smell of this wine. Being a pie lover I have to reference it to the smell of a berry pie filling. It has that rich sweet smell of berries and a touch of spice.

Hot Dish Red is said to go with hot dish. Or, if you are not from Minnesota you might know hot dish as a casserole. I, however, did not think it went too well with savory foods. It was too sweet and just didn’t pair well. Putting it with chocolate…. now that might be a better idea.

Because of its sweetness, I believe that Hot Dish Red is definitely a good place to start your journey to liking red wines. It doesn’t have those high tannins that make it seem like you “chubby bunny” saltine crackers.

Enjoy my wine tasting notes below to get more information on my tasting:

  • Clarity (quantity of suspended particles in the wine): Clear
  • Intensity (concentration of color): Medium
  • Color: Ruby
  • Condition (smells normal or off): Clean
  • Intensity (how pronounced the smell is): Pronounced
  • Aromatic Characteristic (what you smell): Jam
  • Sweetness: Medium – Sweet
  • Acidity: Medium
  • Tannin (dry/astringent): Low
  • Body (how it feels in your mouth): Light
  • Flavor Characteristic (what you taste): Blackberry
  • Finish Length: Medium

Want an easy to follow template to record your own wine tasting notes?

Hot Dish Red Wine Glass and Bottle

Where to get your bottle of Hot Dish Red from Carlos Creek Winery?

Carlos Creek Winery
6693 County Rd 24 NW
Alexandria, MN 56308

As of June 1st 2020, Carlos Creek Winery has wine pickup available during business hours and picnic reservations.


Home Delivery

Enjoy the convenience of having Carlos Creek wine shipped to your home. Now shipping to 38 states.


Find a Liquor Store Near You

It’s hard waiting for you bottle of Hot Dish Red to arrive on your doorstep when you don’t have a single bottle in your house and you don’t live close to Carlos Creek Winery. Find a liquor store near you that sells wines from Carlos Creek Winery.


2 thoughts on “Hot Dish Red – Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria, MN

  1. Deb says:

    I like how you keep the reviews crisp, clean, and clear, like the wines. Not a lot of fluff and they make me feel more comfortable about trying wine.

    I also like how I can read about a wine quickly. Then where and how to buy a wine that piques my interest.

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