Aurora – Carlos Creek Winery in Alexandria, MN

($34.95, 11.5%ABV, Carlos Creek Winery)

Aurora is a sparkling wine made from a cold climate grape Brianna. It tastes similar to a Riesling and I believe that is because of the crispness of the wine. For that reason this wine makes a great summer wine.

When we were at Carlos Creek Winery, Aurora was the top seller of the day, according to staff. And I understand why. This is a great wine and I would buy it again!

Aurora would pair well with a turkey dinner or a Minnesota “champagne” to ring in the new year.

Check out my tasting notes below to help you decide if Carlos Creek’s Aurora wine would be a good fit for you:

  • Clarity (quantity of suspended particles in the wine): Gas
  • Intensity (concentration of color): Pale
  • Color: Lemon
  • Condition (smells normal or off): Clean
  • Intensity (how pronounced the smell is): Light
  • Aromatic Characteristic: Steely and Apricot
  • Sweetness: Off-Dry when bubbles are present, Dry when bubbles are not present.
  • Acidity: High
  • Tannin (dry/astringent): Low
  • Body (how it feels in your mouth): Light
  • Flavor Characteristic: Green Apple and Lemon
  • Finish Length: Short

Where to get a bottle of Carlos Creek Wineries Aurora Wine?

Carlos Creek Winery
6693 County Rd 34 NW
Alexandria, MN 56308

Enjoy a flight of wine, a glass of wine, or a bottle of wine at Carlos Creek Winery. Check out this blog post of when I went to Carlos Creek Winery.

Home Delivery

Enjoy having a bottle of Aurora delivered right to your front door.

Find a Liquor Store Near You

It’s hard waiting for your bottle Sparkling Aurora to arrive on your doorstep when you don’t live close to the Winery. Find a liquor store near you that sells wines from Carlos Creek Winery.

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