Are You Ready to Try a 24K Latte?

Cafe Astoria is a quaint coffee shop in St. Paul, Minnesota. They specialize in latte art and an elevated experience over your everyday Caribou Coffee or Starbucks. Even though I love a good Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte, I have to admit that it was very nice going to a small cafe. 

Cafe Astoria is neighborhood like and cozy. A perfect place to meet up with girlfriends, go out to breakfast with the family, or to work/study. The cafe is small so it can be hard with a big group to sit down, especially on weekends. Also, when they are busy, it can get loud inside.

What Is Cafe Astoria Known For?

Instagram is just loving up on all the photos from Cafe Astoria’s famous latte art. So don’t forget to share yours! Pictured above is the latte that started it all, the 24k latte, featuring espresso, amaretto, white chocolate, and edible gold. Pictured below is the Campfire Latte, featuring espresso, caramel, dark chocolate, marshmallow, and graham crumbs.

I would highly recommend that you order a latte off of their secret menu. Their secret menue includes, 24k Latte, Campfire Latte, Rainbow Matcha, Matcha, Rainbow Latte, or Sunday Candy. All priced between $6- $8. 

I can not wait to see what other creations they come up with. 

Healthier Food Options

Make it a nutritious meal, with fresh ingredients. Cafe Astoria makes crepes, oat meal, smoothie bowls, and salads all from scratch. 

Pictured above on left, Monkey Style Oatmeal Bowl with banana, almond, dates, cocoa nibs and coconut ($6.50). 

Pictured above on right, Bacon, Cheddar, and Egg Crepe ($8.50).

Cafe Astoria has so much to offer and they were so good that I can not wait to go back and try more! Next on my to try list is their Rainbow Latte and Manila Mango (one of their famous smoothie bowls).

How to Get There?

180 Grand Ave
St. Paul, MN 55102

Cafe Astoria is within perfect walking distance, one-half mile south-west, of the Xcel Energy Center. This makes getting coffee art before a Minnesota Wild game, concert, or event easy. 

Or supercharge your morning with latte art and fulfilling breakfast before heading to the Como Zoo & Conservatory just 5 miles north-west of Cafe Astoria.

P.S. parking can be difficult to find.

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